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The APL is pleased to promote the RICS Real Estate Investors conference, a full day event to be held on 6 June 2018. Brief details below and for full details including programme please follow this link https://ww2.rics.org/uk/events/conferences-seminars/real-estate-investors-conference/.

APL members enjoy the RICS membership rate of £260 + VAT

To book, please register via the RICS site.


RICS Real Estate Investors’ Conference, hosted in partnership with Pinsent Masons, will again bring together the UK’s largest institutional investors to discuss investment priorities, emerging asset classes and pressing risks in the real estate sector.

The inaugural event in 2017 brought together speakers and delegates from the world’s largest REITs, hedge funds, private equity funds and rating agencies. Building on this success, 2018’s event will be a full day conference, with discussion focused on foreign and domestic capital flows, the future of Public-Private Partnerships and the rise of FinTech disruptors.

Highlights of the conference include:

  • Innovative asset management strategies 
    As investor focus shifts from capital growth to income, how can asset owners work with occupiers to maximise returns? A combination of multiple factors, including the rise of alternative assets, the shift towards shorter-term commercial leases and a changeable retail environment is necessitating innovative and versatile asset management strategies. This session will consider how closer and more collaborative relationships between owner and occupier are driving long-term returns in the face of challenging market conditions.
  • Afternoon keynote address: What now for Public Private Partnerships? Although recent events have cast further public doubt over the viability of Public-Private Partnerships, the UK’s infrastructure needs cannot be funded by public money alone. Well executed public-private collaborations benefit taxpayers and generate handsome returns for investors. As PPP models are adopted across the world, often with the advice and assistance of UK consultants, how can the domestic narrative be better managed?
  • Panel discussion: Managing disruption – Real estate investment in the fourth industrial age
    Venture funding in UK FinTech start-ups totalled nearly £2bn in 2017. This represents growth of 150% on 2016’s numbers, against a global backdrop of declining FinTech investments. With the UK sector clearly booming, this session will ask: how much of a threat do the disruptors pose to traditional REITs? Many other sectors can attest to tech’s ability to quickly and entirely reshape the professional landscape. As the value of assets under the management of disruptors continues to grow, how can investors respond to the challenge?
  • Panel discussion: Analysing inward and domestic capital flows
    With interest rates on the increase, and the future of quantitative easing uncertain, government bonds are increasingly attractive to investors. As such, the real estate market needs to respond accordingly. Considering existing investment flows from the EU, US and Far East, the session will address the challenge of boosting investment levels in UK real estate in the face of a problematic Brexit.
  • Introducing RICS Insight Paper: The Future of Valuations
    Exploring the relevance of real estate valuations for institutional investors and banks, and collating the views of experts from across Europe, this landmark RICS Insight Paper was released in November 2017. Considering the impact of emerging technology and shifting client expectations, it makes six recommendations with the potential to fundamentally alter the relationship between valuation professionals and their clients.
Date: 06 June 2018
Start: 08:30
Price: £312.00
Member Price: £312.00
Pinsent Masons, 30 Crown Place, London, EC2A 4ES
Limit p/person: 1
Contact: No-reply@the-apl.com

This event cannot be booked on-line. Please click the “Contact Us” button to email the organisers of the event.

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