APL Pub Quiz 2017

APL Pub Quiz 2017

APL Pub Quiz 2017

  Neil Odom-Haslett|March 21, 2017

A great pub quiz, bursting at the seams.

Where else would you want to be on a Wednesday evening in early March, but the APL Pub quiz, kindly sponsored by our friends at Dentons.  The event was a sell out with 30 teams fighting for the honour of APL pub quiz champion 2017.  Strict rules were observed and a ban on iPhone usage - with anyone caught, being "named and shamed" and having to buy a round of drinks for everyone in the pub, ensured fair play!).  this year there were new quiz masters, the Brain Men (full time quizmasters, so, now you know, there is a career for budding "general knowledge gatherers"),  There were 5 rounds of general knowledge questions and scoring was high, in fact very high and a number of teams were vying for top spot.  And so it proved there was a tie break (and unlike golf no count back for the last 9 holes/questions, but a rather bizarre/random tie break question (being, How many Americans would punch themselves in the face for $20?  Answer is 17%, apparently).  The winners were PBB - well done to the team of super swots.

James Irvine from Dentons kindly handed out the prize to the winning team.

The APL would like to thank Dentons without whom the event would not have been possible, so please think of James and his team at Dentons for any new instructions.