Exploring Life-Changing Impact: Our Journey to Uganda with Running Well Charity

Exploring Life-Changing Impact: Our Journey to Uganda with Running Well Charity

Exploring Life-Changing Impact: Our Journey to Uganda with Running Well Charity

  Steffan Goold|August 29, 2023

In early May, Neil Odom Haslett, former APL President and board member, visited Uganda alongside the Trustees of Running Well charity. Running Well, a fantastic organisation dedicated to providing freshwater wells has been a cause close to The APL's heart for the past three years. This journey was a firsthand opportunity for Neil and the Running Well Trustees to witness the tangible impact of their collaborative efforts.

Since its inception in 2013, Running Well has built freshwater wells, transforming countless lives in the process. Over the past three years, The APL has made significant contributions and supported this vital cause and Neil was invited by the Trustees to witness the fruition of our donations.


The significance of accessible fresh water to local communities cannot be overstated - it's a true life changer. Prior to the intervention of Running Well, villagers, predominantly women and children, undertook arduous journeys spanning several kilometres to fetch water from contaminated springs shared with local wildlife. Tragically, children fetching water often missed school and, in distressing instances, faced accidents and drowning in the treacherous springs.


During the visit, Neil had the privilege of witnessing the completion of a new well, a testament to the collective efforts of The APL and Running Well. This particular well, which now provides fresh running water to approximately 2,000 people, stands as a beacon of hope and progress.


Neil's experience in Uganda was a privilege that left an indelible mark. The dedication of Running Well, led by Chair Julian Gabriel and the Trustees, is truly commendable. This journey will remain etched in memory as a testament to the potential for positive change when individuals and organisations come together with a shared purpose.


Amidst the backdrop of the communities visited, characterised by their modest means, a striking revelation emerged - the resilience and contentment displayed by these communities were extraordinary. The warm smiles and open-hearted welcome Neil encountered serve as a powerful reminder of the universal human spirit.


In reflecting on this journey, Neil noted that the impact of Running Well's work and the communities' outlook on life serve as valuable lessons for us all.  As we celebrate Neil's journey and the incredible work of Running Well, it's an invitation for everyone to embrace the spirit of compassion, generosity, and positive change. The APL remains steadfast in its commitment to making a difference and looks forward to continuing its partnership with Running Well to create a brighter, healthier future for all.