Making a difference - APL Donation for Running Well

Making a difference - APL Donation for Running Well

Making a difference - APL Donation for Running Well

  Neil Odom-Haslett|March 23, 2020

Earlier this month and before life changed so much for all of us, Neil met Julian Gabriel, Chairman of Running Well, to hand over a donation for £12,500 which was raised at the Annual Fund Raising Dinner in November.

For all of you who attended the Dinner and who donated, here’s how your money is being spent and we hope that some positive news at this time helps lift the spirits a little ..

Running Well provides people living in remote and deprived parts of Uganda with access to clean water by building water wells. No other charities operate where we are. Without its help these communities would not get clean water.

Uganda has a population of 44 million people. More than one third of its population has no access to clean water, and the percentage in rural areas is significantly higher. How will the APL make a difference?

- The donation will specifically finance a new well for a school of 1,000 pupils which currently has no running water

- It will additionally provide clean and running water to the extended community of over 2,000

- Surveys are currently ongoing to source the well and when found, drilling will commence (the equipment will drill through granite for c80meters to the well)

- Hopefully if all goes to plan, the school will have water sometime during this summer.

- Currently the community has up to a 8 hour round trip to carry water from the nearest well (currently the women and children walk the 5km to the nearest well with jerry cans holding 17 litres of water – there is no transport)

- This donation will fundamentally change people’s lives!

If you do have a couple of minutes spare – watch this video and see for yourself the impact it has … https://youtu.be/OzCXlntT-DM