Report - CRE Debt in the European Economy 2016

Report - CRE Debt in the European Economy 2016

Report - CRE Debt in the European Economy 2016

Adrian Poole   Adrian Poole|August 25, 2016
The APL co-sponsored a report entitled Commercial Real Estate Debt in the European Economy 2016, which is available for members to download.

"Commercial Real Estate lending and its appropriate regulation is of great importance to the European economy. The paper sets out the contribution of CRE debt in Europe to the real economy. It considers the changing stricture of the market, the characteristics of lending strategies, the impact of new regulation and its implications for the distribution of capital.

While the financial risk of over exuberant lending at the peak of the market is recognised, the economic risk of undersupply of CRE debt capital is poorly understood. The research assesses the contribution of CRE debt to the economy in terms of productivity, consumption and investment, explaining its crucial role as a facilitator of commercial activity the provision of business and social infrastructure."

Alongside CREFC Europe, INREV & ZIA, the APL co-sponsored this thought-provoking report which was launched at a breakfast seminar on 29th June is now available for APL members to view within the Downloads section of our website.

There are three levels of documentation; a copy of the press release, a four-page Snapshot paper and the full report for those with greater interest in the subject.